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Is Money Your Friend?
October 8th, 2015 9:03 PM

I recently had a conversation with a friend who was excitedly showing me his new tattoo, an amazing piece with specific details of personal meaning and spiritual significance to him. He practically glowed with pride when he shared how much it meant to him, and then almost instantly shifted into shame mode once money was mentioned.

“I know I shouldn’t have spent so much on this. I’m just no good with money. I hate it!”

This shocked me and saddened me. We had just finished discussing friendship and the challenge of finding a really good, trustworthy friend. The way he was describing some of the previous relationships with people was very similar to how he was talking about money. It made me stop and think about my own friendship with finances…

Growing up, I learned that Money is the root of all Evil, and that Money doesn’t grow on trees, which is OK, because that meant that you were closer to God. It took me a long time to let go of those patterns. I’d like to say that they are completely gone, but at some point, a new level of those childhood programs may show up again. It’s that healing spiral that tells me I’m still growing and evolving!

And maybe that’s why this conversation kept me up last night. I began to wonder; am I truly friends with Money? I am now! While we had a rocky beginning, we now have a deep understanding of how we wish to be treated and, for the most part, are great buddies. Here are a few tips that I used to clarify our “Relationship Agreement”:

Do I know Money? In Networking, the saying is that in order to do business with someone, you need to Know, Like, and Trust them before you’ll be willing to part with your money. Do I really know money? I grew up knowing that it seemed to prefer other people’s homes, even though my mom made the best homemade bread around, and we were really fun people who played card games and had great conversations. But we never really talked about Money. It was almost a taboo subject, that elephant in the room, that “neighbor girl who went on vacation for 9 months”… How awful that would be if YOU were Money? I love to discuss investing, the power of compound interest, exchange rates, and how adding just a few friends on a regular basis to a savings plan can really make me happy! I’m not obsessed with it, but it’s cool to know how this tool works.

Do I like Money?The power that it has to create a life of ease or a life of hardship is awe-inspiring. Just like a human travel partner, we can either argue about the little details of a plan or come to a harmonious agreement over a specific destination. Money can be a great friend or that awful roommate that snores and coughs and uses up all the toilet paper without replacing the roll. Who do you want in your life? You really do get to choose.

Do I trust Money? In the past, there was no way that I trusted Money. Banks, where most of it seemed to live, made my dad lose much of our family farm. Credit cards, who initially seemed so friendly and inviting, became draconian overlords at the end of the month. Cash in my hand became a pecking bird, bloodying me until I got rid of it on frivolous trinkets and soulless foods. This past relationship with Money came rushing back to me when my friend said “I hate Money!” with such vengeance. I still cry when I think of the days when I cursed cash of all forms. I had given it the power to exclude and define me.I allowed Money to determine my self-worth. If I didn’t have Money, I was a worthless human being. The benefit of being 50 is that I know my value as a human being. Money is my sidekick, not my definer. Just like any good partnership, there needs to be an agreement about what the mutual goals are. That leads to trust. And when you have trust, you can rely on each other to guide you out of situations that may not be in your best interest.You can have some amazingly fun times together, too! When the other person says that they need some alone time, that means that they need to recharge. They aren’t leaving you forever. Money isn’t leaving you for someone else…it just needs you to trust…and breathe.

Do I respect Money? Sometimes Money can be like an impulsive teenager, practically jumping out of your wallet to buy the latest fashions, that new tech gadget, or some other seemingly amazing thing. So what do you do when the latest BSO (Bright Shiny Object) begins to scream for your attention? Unless you are on vacation with little ability to return later, wait a day to think about it. If in your evaluation process, you determine that it was worth giving up certain other items or activities, then go back and get it. Otherwise, it was just a fleeting instance of BSO flu. When in the moment during a vacation, future-pace the purchase. Imagine packing it up, carrying it around, introducing it to your room and your friends… Did it still make sense? I still end up with some crazy things that totally made sense at the time, but the stories that they told were priceless!

In many ways, Money is like that faithful dog waiting for you at the end of a long day. It’s happy to see you, even if you’ve kicked it around and ignored it. Love it, feed it, play with it, and exercise it. It will love you and protect you, and even if it looks like it has run away, it’ll find its way back to you. Just be responsible by cleaning up any mess it might make, keep the gate closed so it doesn’t run away, and always use a leash when taking it for a stroll so it doesn’t scare the neighbors and wildlife.

How would you describe your relationship with Money? I encourage you to share this with your friends. Talk about this important, delightful tool of Energy Exchange. If you still feel stuck with limiting beliefs, give me a call. I can help you find the energetic blocks so you, too, can have a loving and fulfilling relationship with Money! 214-679-3498

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