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Letting go...
January 26th, 2012 9:05 PM

Often, having what you want is a function of letting go of what you have.

If you know what I mean.

The Universe

Odd, huh, the stuff people cling to?

This was the little saying that was waiting for me to find in my inbox. I've had a bit of trouble staying ahead of the electronic curve lately, so have been making more of an effort to hit "delete" without bothering to actually read the mesage. Notes From The Universe provides me with a daily email that I end up keeping around for much longer than I probably should. Coming from a Feng Shui consultant who usually is extolling the virtues of decluttering, that says a lot. Then again, I must admit that I'm a bit of a hoarding monster when it comes to email. Try as I might, I have yet to be able to get my inbox figures below 5 figures. When I begin to clean it out, I find myself going on a trip down memory lane, and that mad dash to the trash can halts.

Reading old posts of support from the time when I was dealing with cancer reminds me of my strength. Email from previous jobs serves as a warning to never give up on who I truly am. And each small post from my husband is a digital love letter, even if it is sublimely ordinary. Those, I keep. My sentimental nature prefers to have an archive of these activities.

But those Target ads? Gone! Groupon notices? Wheeee!! Watch them disappear! Heifer International requests? After I donate a pig...then poof! :)

Maybe it's still a small part of me that is afraid to lose myself if I delete too many of these posts, these musings on the past. After all, I wasn't always as aware of my fabulosity as I am now. They serve as a reminder of the danger of selling yourself short. And if anyone has ever met me, they would know that there is nothing short about me!

Piles and clutter serve a purpose. They act as anchors and dams to flow. Sometimes, though, when you feel like life is rushing river, you need that to bring a bit of stability back, that precious time to ponder the next step. Energy is constantly in motion, and it's good to take a moment to breathe into the next choice. That's why I love feng shui and energy work...never a dull moment!


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