A proprietary blend of essential oils designed to neutralize the energy in your space, purify your intentions, re-energize you, and add joy to your life! It’s a perfect travel companion at 2 oz, and is ideal for cleansing your hotel room, bedroom, office space, or anywhere tempers flare.

Only $10/bottle or 3/$25. (plus shipping)

Please email me directly with how many bottles you want, if you would like gift wrapping, and where you would like it to be sent. I'll make sure to ship it wrapped securely in a padded envelope. I will then issue a PayPal invoice to you, and will mail your package as soon as I receive your payment. Thank you so much!

"Hey Bev. I just wanted you to know I absolutely love the Joy Water!!! There other night there was quite a bit of tension in our house and it was at bed time. I was clenching my jaws because it was so thick! I got up found my Joy Water and sprayed a couple on me and then in the bed room. Not 2 seconds later, I was able to take a deep breath and feel the tension melt away and I slept so peacefully! Thank you so much!!" - Robin, Dallas (8/18/13)

Joy Soak is a delicious blend of the same magical essential oils found in my unique Joy Water blend, merged with Epsom Salts, baking soda, and Himalayan Sea Salt for extra grounding. Nothing restores a body like a nice hot soak in bath with Joy Soak to pull the tension, frustration, and anxiety out of your tissues! $5/8 oz. bag, designed for single use in a garden tub or 2 uses as a foot bath. Can also be mixed with organic olive or coconut oil for a overall body scrub!

"I just had to share how AMAZING my bath was after using your Joy Soak! My skin was so soft, I felt so refreshed, and I wanted to thank you for this! It's been a really rough path with my soon to be ex-husband, and this was a wonderful way to soak away my stress. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" -Theresa, Frisco, TX (2/5/15) 

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