Master Lin Yun, Boston Conference 10-09

How I found Feng Shui...


Several millenia ago, Chinese farmers were faced with finding the best fields for their crops, and the Emperors needed to locate burial grounds that would stand the test of time. They turned to mystics who could read the energy of the land. Feng Shui, which is roughly translated as "Wind - Water", has been around for between 3,000 & 5,000 years, depending on which of the ancient texts are consulted. Much of traditional Feng Shui revolves around Chinese astrology, finding out "good" directions and "bad" directions, and using decidedly Asian "cures" to remedy a problem. If you really want bamboo flutes, mandarin ducks, and Fu dogs in your home, then by all means, have them! They are very effective cures, and will bring balance to your home.  However, I am trained the Western School of Feng Shui, which allows for a large variety of decorating styles and personal tastes. I work with the Power of Intention and the Law of Attraction to help you bring about the life you want to manifest! 


My name is Beverly Biehl, and I had been exposed to Feng Shui concepts in the early 80's. It was fascinating! However, it wasn't until I had recovered from breast cancer that I reconnected with my old interest. One of my dear friends lent me "Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life", by Karen Rauch Carter, and it delivered on its promise. Within 2 days of changing the picture hanging in my Wealth and Prosperity corner, my husband received two unsolicited job offers. I immediately cleaned up the other key areas of the home, namely the Skills and Self-Knowledge area (to help recognize a good opportunity vs. a bad one) and the Career sector (keep those opportunities coming!). He decided to stay with his current job, and even got a better position within the company.  I was sold! 

I attended the final session to be held in Salt Lake City at The Feng Shui Training Center under the original instructor ( Sharon Stasney, author of many best-selling Feng Shui books, focused on the Black Hat Tibetan Buddhist teachings of Master Lin Yun, as well as Jungian psychology and color therapy. Her eclectic style made it easy to fit this ancient art into my logical lifestyle. When Sharon retired from teaching Feng Shui, I continued my studies with her teacher, Carol Bridges at the Nine Harmonies School of Feng Shui ( I am a graduate of her Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner Training and a certified Master of Environmental Harmony. I have also studied with Grand Master Lin Yun, the Taiwanese professor who brought BTB Feng Shui to the United States over 40 years ago ( At the same conference, I had the priviledge to study with Crystal Chu Rinpoche, who has since taken on the mantle of the Leader of the BTB Feng Shui movement now that Professor Lin has made his transition.

My advanced training at the Institute of Subtle Energy Education ( has been invaluable in my ability to quickly assess the energetic issues behind the problems that have manifested in the home or office setting. Working together, we can find the core belief that is creating the clutter on the counter, repeating the wrong relationship, or fumbling your financial freedom. Then we will change that to an empowering belief that will bring about the life that you want! Many health challenges have roots in emotional issues, and while I can assist in dissolving those patterns that are manifesting as disease, this work is not a substitute for medical care.

I am passionate about helping people make positive changes in their lives with Feng Shui and the Energy Clearing techniques!  I offer classes on a variety of topics, and have been a Voices columnist for the Dallas Morning News. I am available for speaking engagements as well! Is it time to Change Your Chi? Call me! Beverly Biehl, 214-679-3498. I look forward to helping you manifest your own dreams!