"I just can't get over how different everything feels this evening. The slight change you made in the LR furniture shifted something big in the whole house. The space clearing in my office purged out the old and made room for the new. And the envisioning energy work in the bedroom has lifted my heart and my spirit. No more sadness or resentment! Thank you is not enough..."
Geri M, Plano TX 6/30/15

I lift your spirits by moving your sofa!

I can also increase your profits by adjusting your office, magnetize you to attract a better job or the love of your life, or help you sell your home faster by staging it attractively. Feng Shui is a centuries-old Chinese philosophy, not a religion or a decorating style. It translates to Wind-Water, and deals with the flow of energy, which the Chinese call chi.

My name is Beverly Biehl. I am a Feng Shui consultant, Energy Alchemist, Creation Catalyst, and Coincidence Creator. Formerly located in Frisco, TX, I now live in Austin. I evaluate the flow of your home or office environment and determine how it can become the supportive place you desire. I look for patterns in your choices that tell your stories. Your external environment mirrors your internal state of mind. I invite you to make the suggested adjustments to achieve balance and harmony, both inside and out. Here's a quick video on this!

Our thoughts act as a magnet for situations we recognize as "good" or "bad". The Intuitive Coaching services that I provide instantly clear out the energetic causes behind negative work situations, attracting energy vampires, and even poor service in restaurants! You will learn techniques to protect yourself energetically from hostile environments, and I will guide you as you shift your unconscious patterns and neutralize emotional triggers quickly and easily. What it's like to work with me.

In addition, I have a knack for reading the energy of the buildings and the land that they stand on. Your mom always warned you about picking things up off the ground, because "You don't know where that's been". Energy leaves deposits, too. If you aren't aware of the emotional debris from those who have been in a space before, you inadvertently open yourself up to cross-contamination on the energetic level. Old buildings, antiques, and family heirlooms tell many stories without ever saying a word, and sometimes they aren't so nice. Even new construction isn't immune to this, depending on the health of the group building it. And that doesn't even address what happened on the land BEFORE the modern building appeared! Please contact me directly for more information on Space Clearing and how it can positively impact your happiness, health, and wealth.

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March Special!
For the month of March, I am offering a limited time offer for phone-based energy coaching services. Buy a package of 4 hours for $400, a savings of $90! Offer expires on 3/31/17.

 Intuitive Coaching sessions are via phone or Skype. I travel to the DFW area every 4-6 weeks.  Click Here to book a session. 

Gift Certificates are Available!

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And check out Kathy Platt and Patti Carey, L.Ac to learn more about my former office mates!

Common reasons for my services:

  • Increase Wealth & Prosperity
  • Attract or Enhance a Loving Relationship
  • Improve Health and Sleep
  • Remove Feelings of Overwhelm

 Since life is constantly changing, it's important to periodically re-evaluate your Feng Shui needs. I recommend a quarterly Chi Check-up to make sure you are attracting what you mean to attract! Please contact me directly for maintenance pricing and customized solutions.

Remember, a problem is merely an opportunity in disguise!



Energy flow was trapped in this attempt at a craft area. Replacing the table with spiky plants increased the movement of chi and eliminated the clutter.

 Gift Certificates are available.

I serve the communities of Austin, Round Rock, Lakeway, Cedar Park, Dripping Springs, and other cities in the Austin area. I am also available to do on-site visits on a limited basis for Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Allen, Dallas, Richardson, Fairview, Lucas, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Denton, and Melissa. Clients outside a 25 mile radius of my home base of SW Austin will be assessed a trip charge of $25 or more, depending on the distance and travel time. 

Skype/FaceBook Video Consultations are also available.

A 24-hour cancellation notice is requested. Any appointment canceled within that time frame will be assessed a $99 cancellation fee.


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