"The mind is everything. What you think you become."

What is Feng Shui? Why do I need it?

Feng Shui is all about creating positive energy and feeling right in one's environment. This includes creating harmonious home and business environments that fit each of our needs and desires. Feng Shui's literal meaning is wind (feng) and water (shui) in Chinese. For over 5,000 years, Feng Shui has been a philosophy of connecting sacred structures with the people. According to Sharon Stasney, founder of The Feng Shui Training School in Salt Lake City, Utah, Feng Shui, "…is based on the awareness that an electromagnetic energy flows around and through your body, linking your energy to others, objects and forces in the universe". There is no doubt in that energy (Chi) does exist and affects us in different ways. Remember that the Chi moves and transforms, and we can change it for good. This is not superstition, not blind faith, not magic, but the power of intention made manifest.


In a Feng Shui Consultation, I will do the following:


-         Examine the surrounding environment

-         Help you to become aware of your own energy

-         Detect uncomfortable and unsafe spaces

-         Interact with your space and with people in a productive communication


Based upon these considerations, recommendations can be made on how to improve your relationship with yourself and your environment. Properly applied, my recommendations can result in improvements in the lives of the individuals who occupy the property.


The Five Elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal 


Relations Between the Elements

Control of the Elements
- Fire attacks Metal and is destroyed by Water
- Earth attacks Water and is destroyed by Wood
- Metal attacks Wood and is destroyed by Fire
- Water attacks Fire and is destroyed by Earth
- Wood attacks Earth and is destroyed by Metal

Interruption of the Elements
- Fire attacks Metal and is reinforced by Earth
- Earth attacks Water and is reinforced by Metal
- Metal attacks Wood and is reinforced by Water
- Water attacks Fire and is reinforced by Wood
- Wood attacks Earth and is reinforced by Fire


Throughout the centuries, the Chinese found that changes made in certain parts of the home had more of an impact on corresponding areas of life. This is why I will need a floorplan of your home or office space, so I can overlay the “Bagua” map.  By doing the Bagua mapping, I will be able to pinpoint where adjustments or “cures” will be most effective.  Here are the nine areas and their impact on your space:

1. Wealth & Prosperity. (SE)
This area relates to wealth, material as well as emotional/personal. We can be prosperous in many other areas besides the wallet. Boosting the energy in this area will assure you of having money for the good things and for good reasons in life (not just for the necessities like food, rent, and phone bills).

2. Fame & Reputation. (South)
This is the area in the home that supports you as a person out in the big world. It deals with how you are perceived by others, which makes a big difference with concerns like how and where money and relationships come to you. It also has to do with your own integrity and honesty, which can also make a difference in things like marriage and relationships. The fame and reputation area will help you out if you are trying to get a promotion at work. Winston Churchill said, "We shape our dwellings and afterwards, our dwellings shape us."

3. Intimate Relationships/Partnerships. (SW)
If you are interested in attracting a relationship, trying to make an existing one better, or simply looking for a good time, look no further. It is vital that this part of your home is balanced so there is harmony in relationships of all kinds, but especially the more intimate ones. For these reasons this is an area to always check out. This is the area that involves business partnerships when looking at an office setting.

4. Creativity and Children. (West)
This section of the home relates to thinking creatively. You might consider beginning with this area so you can come up with creative cures for the rest of your home. This locale is also associated with children, since children usually tap into their creative energies. Anything to do with kids - yours, not yours, your siblings, or your future kids - this is the spot to work with them.

5. Helpful People and Travel. (NW)
This part of the home is set aside for calling upon people who make your life easier (easy teachers, sympathetic patients, efficient employees and networking peers). Maybe it's someone you know, or perhaps it's help that appears out of the blue. And, of course, sometimes it's an angel from the "other side" who helps. It's about being treated fairly and honestly. Also, if you would like to do more or less traveling, or have a move coming up, this section applies to making these situations flow more smoothly as well. This is the place to bring the world to your home!

6. Career and Life Path. (North)
This area of the home is linked to what you are supposed to be doing in life, whatever that is. Whether it's hardcore business, traversing a more spiritual path, developing new ideas for others, or nurturing the next generation, this area of the home is dedicated to getting you, and keeping you, on the right track in life.

7. Skills and Knowledge. (NE)
This part of your home affects how you learn, store, and use knowledge. Although the energy in each will affect the other eight, this one is especially worthy of attention. For example, if you don't have the smarts to manage the money you make, it may erroneously appear that your prosperity section is not working for you. This is a great place for develop and discover new talents and enhance them.

8. Family and Ancestors. (East)
This section is associated with family issues. Every one belongs to a family with particular traditions. Knowing them and learning from our roots will help us to have balance with the other areas. Most importantly, it will help you to get to know yourself better.

9. Health and Other. (Center)
The center of the map contains all other life situations not mentioned above. It impacts health as well. Since this area lies in the middle of the home, it touches all other areas geographically, and can literally and figuratively affect all other areas by association. Like they say, if you don't have your health, you don't have anything (except doctor bills and a lot of medication).

Take a moment and think in these nine areas before our consultation. Ponder those issues/opportunities that come into your mind while sitting in each part of your house. Have in mind one or two that you would like to balance and improve. Write it in your questionnaire.

For my first consultation you will need a floor map of the house or business and a compass reading of the property. In the consultation we will refer to this illustration connecting the bagua map, the floor map and the five elements.


I would also like for you to take an evaluation about how your environment influences you and vice verse. I will need to know which areas you desire the most progress. This questionnaire will help you get started.

I have developed several package options to make our time together the most effective. If these packages or other options don't work for you, please contact me for working out payment plans or other ways. My goal is to help humanity move through their rough spots as quickly and easily as possible.

Request a consultation and a questionnaire by emailing Beverly@TheIntuitiveInterior.com 

I look forward to helping you make your home or office reflect the real you!